I am passionate about understanding human behaviors in order to create products that people actually want to use.

I believe in designing with empathy

Hello, my name is Courtney Kreitzer and I am a highly motivated rising senior at Tufts University studying Engineering Psychology, Engineering Management, and Spanish.I am passionate about understanding human behaviors and capabilities, and limitations in order to create products that people actually want to use. I have developed a strong foundation in the field of Human Factors Engineering through my experiences interning as a product manager, participating in hackathons, designing UI/UX, programming, management consulting, and conducting human-computer interaction research. I am also an experienced leader committed to fostering positive change and creating a lasting impact through my experiences founding Girl Gains at Tufts and running FIT pre-orientation program. 


Here’s my journey so far:

Academic Evolution

I have a strong background in computer science due to attending the Academy for Computer and Information Sciences in high school. However, when I got to college I realized that my true passion wasn’t just in writing code but in understanding how technology impacts people’s lives. This revelation led me to pivot towards Human Factors Engineering, where I am studying how to improve user experiences and use qualitative/quantitative research insights to solve problems.

Leadership & Impact

During my sophomore and junior years, I began stepping into leadership positions and honing my project management abilities. I founded Tufts Girl Gains, an organization dedicated to promoting female weightlifting and fostering strength and self-confidence among women and non-binary individuals in the gym. Additionally, I served as the head coordinator of FIT, a 5-day program welcoming 250 incoming Tufts students with a budget of over 100k. These experiences not only affirmed my passion for leadership but also helped me cultivate my skills in guiding and motivating others.

Putting it all Together

As a senior, I’m actively diversifying my exposure to the vast landscape of technology, design, and business. I have participated in (and won!) hackathons around the Boston Area, frequent technology networking events, keep up to speed on AI news, and am always up for trying new things. As I prepare to join the workforce after I graduate, I am looking for product management or consulting roles in industries relating to tech/business/insurance.

My Skills

UI/UX Design

I have experience with the UI/UX design process and feel confident conducting competitive analyses, interviewing potential users, constructing user personas, ideating, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.


I am proficient in a variety of design applications including Figma, AdobeXD, Solidworks, and WordPress. I am also an experienced coder in C++ and statistical softwares such as SPSS and Jamovi.

Soft skills

I am an excellent communicator, collaborator, and leader. I am an extrovert with a high EQ and can be counted on to give my all to any team I am a part of.


Some of my favorite pastimes include exercising, reading, traveling, photography, playing Scrabble, and spending time with my amazing friends and family. Check out the slideshow below to see me in action!